Step 1 – Design

Your builder will work with you to design your home to meet the mandatory design guidelines. It is important that your builder has access to the Gainsborough Greens Design Guidelines.

During the design phase, should you or your builder wish to raise any questions with Mirvac, please submit your query to

Step 2 – Submission

Once your design is finalised, please submit your Covenant Application via email to Including full sited plans, Colour Schedule, Landscape Plan and your Bond receipt.

Step 3 – Covenant Bond Payment

Your bond is held in trust and is fully refundable upon completion of your home and landscaping in accordance with the Design Guidelines. Be sure to include the proof of bond payment as part of your Covenant Application to avoid a delay in the assessment and approval process.

Step 4 – Assessment

The Design Committee will assess your plans for compliance with the Design Guidelines. This process will generally take 2 weeks, assuming all information is provided. Any items requiring amendment will be raised with you and your builder, and plans will need to be amended and resubmitted prior to approval being granted.

Step 5 – Covenant Approval

Covenant Approval will be issued when the submission has been assessed by the Design Committee and complies with the Design Guidelines. Please take care to note any comment(s) on your approved plans to ensure that all conditions of the Covenant Approval are addressed.

Step 6 – Building Approval

Once Covenant Approval has been issued, an application can then be made to your accredited building certifier/Council for the statutory building application.

Step 7 – Construction

Please ensure that your lot is properly maintained to be free of excessive weeds, rubbish or garbage prior to and during the construction phase of your home. This will ensure that your land is clean and safe at all times.

Step 8 – Inspection

Once your house & landscaping are complete, please request your Final Inspection by emailing The Final Inspection will be carried out by the Design Committee and assessed against your previously issued Covenant Approval. This process will generally take 2 weeks.

Step 9 – Final Compliance Approval

If your home is compliant, the Design Committee will issue a Final Compliance Approval. Should your home not be in accordance with the previously issued Covenant Approval the Design Committee will notify items to remedy prior to issuing a Final Compliance Approval.

Step 10 – Refund of Covenant Bond

The Covenant Bond will be refunded to your bank account once the Final Compliance Approval is issued. This process will generally takes 1 week.

Step 11 – Living at Gainsborough Greens

The best part! Move into your new home and enjoy the beautiful community that is Gainsborough Greens.