Your building site must be clean and safe at all times.

  • Your builder is not permitted to access neighbouring lots without permission
  • Your builder must not leave construction debris on neighbouring lots for extended periods and will be expected to rectify any damages to neighbouring lots
  • You are responsible for maintaining your site prior to construction commencing – including mowing, slashing grass and trimming all grass edges. Your grass must not exceed 150mm in height.
  • Your builder must provide a skip bin or enclosure on site to contain rubbish for the duration of the construction period.
  • Leaving rubbish on any lot visible from Public Areas is not permitted.
  • Bins and site facilities should be clear of all neighbouring properties, roads, footpaths, reserves and all other Public Areas at all times.


  • The road and verge in front of your lot including the concrete footpath, kerb, street trees and services such as water meters, telecommunication boxes and electrical pillars are assets owned by Council or service authorities. They have been constructed to the required standards and Council and other service authorities have recorded them as correctly constructed prior to your house building commencing.
  • These assets cannotbe altered, including changing the ground levels, without the correct approval from Council. Mirvac and Council inspects these assets at completion of your home to ensure no damage or alteration has occurred. Please ensure you make your builder aware that they will need to rectify any damage to these assets as Mirvac is unable to return your Covenant Bond until we have received clearance to do so from Council
  • Where Mirvac has constructed a fence, entry statement or retaining wall, it is to be maintained by the owner to the standard to which it was constructed

Any damage caused during construction of a dwelling to any estate infrastructure (e.g. kerbs, grassed verges, street trees, bollards, etc.) is to be repaired by the owner to the standard to which it was constructed.