The Gainsborough Greens Design Guidelines have been prepared to assist Gainsborough Greens purchasers (and their builders/designers) to construct well designed, high quality homes.

A great design will help you add value to your home, increase sustainability, improve your quality of life and foster an image for Gainsborough Greens.

These guidelines are not intended to limit design however have been included to ensure that Gainsborough Greens presents as an attractive development with harmonious streetscapes making it a highly desirable place in with you will be proud to live.



The built form design of each home in Gainsborough Greens will contribute to the overall aesthetic of the development. Owners are required to build quality and innovative house designs to ensure a cohesive and premium residential image for Gainsborough Greens.



Fences are an important part of the streetscape and define the lot boundary of your home. To ensure the architecture of your home is complemented by fencing, we require you to include quality fencing materials and design measures.



A great way to complement your built form design is through high quality landscaping. We ask that you include attractive low maintenance and water sensitive landscaping and that the design of your front yard complements the streetscapes of Gainsborough Greens.


Design Guidelines for your release are available in the lot details section.